Train like a PRO, be like a PRO

With the award winning training methods from MasterDarts.
Now combined into one single App, for a bargain price.

€ 1,99


The most complete Darts training and scoreboard App around, in which you can level up your skills as you play around.
All experiences from the last 15 years concerning the MasterDarts players are combined in this app, making it an award winning combination of years of experience.

What's inside :

- 01 Game
- 121
- 170
- Basic Skill Trainer
- Countup
- Cricket
- Level Checker
- Tactics
- Checkout Table

There is a special modus keyboard or manual before you start each game. The manual modus is for beginners or people who cannot count, its very easy to control on which dart you score. Keyboard modus just does what it says; entering values between 0 and 180.